The Impact Collective routinely offers events that help our community take action to close the racial wealth gap.

CLTV Community Events

The events below are open to our full community of champions, partners, workshop alumni, and those who are just learning about our work.

(Open to everyone.)
Friday, 09/06 @ 12 PM ET
Via Zoom

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(Open to all CLTV community members and their partners.)
S1: Tuesday, October 8th @6:30-8:30pm (in-person)
S2: Tuesday, October 22nd @6:30-8:30pm ET (virtual)
S3: Tuesday, November 19th @6:30-8:30pm (in-person)
+ one 2:2 tailored coaching session at a date of your choosing
In-Person & Via Zoom

Do you want to get aligned with your partner about your social justice goals? Have you been thinking about how your money is impacting the world? Have you wondered how your family might approach decision-making about your finances? If so, this workshop is for you!

Register for our info session to learn more
CLTV Intensive Workshop
(Open to those in the Boston-area who identify as white women with class privilege. Learn more about why we focus on this identity and how we define it on our website or via an upcoming information session.)
Workshop Schedule
9 Sessions
Registration Deadline: TBA
Workshop Begins: TBA
Cohort Schedule
The Intensive Workshop—CLTV’s flagship program—is a 9-session course that brings together small cohorts of 6-12 white women with class privilege. The workshop culminates with participants drafting and adopting individual, cohort, and family action commitments and strives to foster an alumni community that endures after the workshop’s completion.

Past Events

  • Surviving a Bear Attack: Strategies for Difficult Conversations About Race with Ken Rogers
  • Finding Ourselves: The Lineage of White Women & Racial Justice with Liz Aeschlimann
  • Place-Based Investing to Close the Wealth Divide with Deborah Frieze
  • Wealth, Wellbeing, and Identity with Katya Smyth
  • Couples Workshop with Ethan Kerr