coming together to close the racial wealth gap


Our mission is to close the racial wealth gap by organizing, educating, and activating people with wealth to leverage their influence and affluence within a diverse and connected community.


A truly equitable America where all people can access the capital and opportunities they seek to thrive regardless of their skin color or socioeconomic status.


The Impact Collective believes that wealthy, white Americans have an outsized opportunity to impact the racial wealth gap, but most lack the education or encouragement to do so. We believe that if we…

• Inspire action

in the wealthy white community,

• Support pathways

to redistribute capital and wealth,

• Connect people to opportunities

for concrete action, then…

People of color who have historically been denied access to capital will be able to build wealth.


Five Pillars

The Impact Collective’s approach rests on five pillars that we believe drive change: Knowledge, Accountability, Community, Courage, and Action. These pillars are activated through our programs, partnerships, and communications.


A range of programs bring our five pillars to life, including the flagship Intensive Workshop for wealthy white women; accountability programming for workshop alumni; guest and mini-workshops; and an open-armed collective that creates tangible opportunities for increasing equitable access to capital through cross-racial and multi-sector partnerships, hiring practices, and investments.

Diverse Community of Thought Partners

CLTV aggressively gathers input from a diverse community of partners, leaders, and peers and is specifically nurturing a dedicated group of majority Black advisors to formally guide our strategy, actions, and capital flow as we strive to center impact as defined by Black communities.

The Black-White Wealth Gap

CLTV focuses specifically on the Black-white wealth gap because the impact of financial inequity and intergenerational wealth is disproportionately felt by Black people and communities.

White Women with Class Privilege

CLTV works with those in the white community with wealth and class privilege because we believe those who have historically benefited from societal inequities should share the burden of explaining and dismantling structural racism. We see untapped potential for wealthy white women to leverage their access to wealth and influence to redirect capital to economically marginalized communities and ultimately help close the racial wealth gap.