Thank you for attending a recent house party for the Impact Collective! Explore the materials we shared in person, learn about our mission, and programming, and explore links from our list of 15 Actions You Can Take Right Now!

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15 Actions to Take Right Now

Key Texts & Syllabus

About the Intensive Workshop

Key Texts

Impact Collective programming offers an overview of the history of how the American economic system has created the racial wealth gap and of how the current economic system operates. We strongly encourage participants of all of our programs to read or listen to the following essential Key Texts to better understand the full picture of how racism operates in the social and economic systems in America. 

The Color of Wealth 
by Meizhu Lui, Barbara Robles, Betsy Leondar-Wright, Rose Brewer and Rebecca Adamson
The Will to Change:
Men, Masculinity, and Love by Bell Hooks
Activate Your Money: 
Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World
by Janine Firpo

Recommended for those who are beginning their racial and economic justice education or otherwise want to go deeper in their learning: 

The Sum of Us:
What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together 
by Heather McGhee 
Waking up White:
And Finding Myself in the Story of Race
Debby Irving
A Letter to My White Friends and Colleagues
by Steven Rogers
White Fragility: 
Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
by Dr. Robin DiAngelo
Systemic Racism 101
by Aminah Pilgrim
Bonus book! In summer 2023, our partner, Garrett Neiman, published his most recent book that we highly recommend!
Rich White Men:
What it Takes to Uproot
the Old Boys’ Club and
Transform America
by Garrett Neiman

Support Black-Owned Business

Please consider supporting Frugal Bookstore, a community bookstore located in Roxbury and the only Black-owned bookstore in Boston. They can order any items that are not currently in stock.

Practice Economic Inclusion

15 Actions To Take Right Now!

  1. GIFT ONE BOOK from CLTV’s recommended readings to a friend, colleague, or family member.
  2. TALK TO 3 WOMEN about what you learned from this event.
  3. ATTEND A CLTV EVENT from our upcoming events calendar.
  4. BUY WINE FROM URBAN GRAPE, a Black-owned business that supports Black winemakers.
  5. INVITE 1 WOMAN to attend an upcoming info session about the CLTV Intensive Workshop.
  6. BUY COFFEE & TEA FROM BLK & BOLD, a Black-owned business.
  7. BUY BOOKS FROM FRUGAL BOOKSTORE, a Black- & family-owned bookshop in Roxbury.
  8. SUPPORT BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS. Visit Black Owned Bos. to explore what’s out there.
  9. CHECK YOUR BANK’S RATING on Mighty Deposits, and consider changing your bank.
  10. TALK WITH YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER about aligning your money with your values.
  11. SELECT ONE ORGANIZATION to support from CLTV’s curated list.
  12. EVALUATE THE DIVERSITY OF PARTNERS you employ to support your finances and lifestyle.
  13. REVIEW YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN and 401K allocations, and align to your values as necessary.
  14. ASK YOUR INVESTMENT ADVISOR to review your investments for their ESG alignment.
  15. OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CARVER BANK, the US’s “largest Black-owned financial institution”.

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The Impact Collective believes that white Americans with class privilege have an outsized opportunity to impact the racial wealth gap.
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CLTV’s flagship program is a 9-session course that brings together small cohorts of white women with class privilege.
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