2021-2023 by the numbers
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$150,000 to
impact organizations

60% Open rate 

Alumni have expressed interest
in facilitating future cohort and supporting CLTV's mission

Our mini workshops are an action-focused 3-part intro to
the racial wealth gap

67 Attendees

49 Attendees


2021-2023 by the numbers
Deep Engagement


Intensive Workshop Participants

9-session intensive curriculum 


Mini Workshop Participants

action-focused 3-part
intro to the racial wealth gap


Guest Workshops

2-hour workshop

related to the CLTV mission


Facilitators Hired

alumni expressed interest in facilitating our Intensive Workshops


Newsletter Subscribers 

60% open rate, we share ways to engaged in closing the racial wealth gap


House Parties

69 attendees


Shifting Perspectives

"IT WAS COMPLETELY PARADIGM CHANGING for me because it connected how race affects me in a way that I didn’t have in my lexicon. Without the workshop, I would have been stuck in a disconnected space [without understanding] how I have participated in the systems that contribute to economic inequity."

— Laura Burnes, Intensive Workshop participant

Personal Identity & Power Within Economic & Social Systems


How The Economic System Maintains the Racial Wealth Gap


Mindsets & Behaviors That Can Interrupt the Racial Wealth Gap


Internal Processing


Engaged in Decision- Making About Wealth & Investments​


Comfort Discussing Whiteness & Financial Privilege


Prepared to Lead Racial Justice Efforts


Moving Money

"I AM COMMITTED to diversifying my investments and that started with my 401k. I reached out to my investment planner and we are working to find more diverse options. Additionally, I continue to be interested in finding black-owned and women-led companies to invest in on a daily basis." 

— Intensive Workshop participant