What to Expect


Workshop Cohort
All participants are considered to be part of a single workshop cohort, an identity that will carry on after the workshop as you engage with the Impact Collective as an alumni of the Intensive Workshop.
Accountability Trios
Each participant will be placed in an Accountability Trio, designed to develop relationships between Cohort members to support problem solving and mutual accountability. Each Interval includes assignments for Accountability Trios to preview and/or review the assignments for the upcoming session, discuss the guiding questions, problem solve, support and challenge each other. We strongly recommend that you schedule a minimum of one meeting during each Interval to meet with your Accountability Trio.


Participant Commitments
The following commitments are intended to ensure that all participants can maximize the benefits of working together and our likelihood of collective success.
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Action Commitments
The Impact Collective provides example Individual, Cohort and Family Commitments for participants. We will explore the Individual and Cohort Commitments during the workshop and expect participants to personalize and adopt a Family Commitment with their spouses/partners outside the workshop. Additional materials and tools will be provided to help facilitate and support your action commitments. 
We expect all deep-dive participants to personalize and adopt their own Individual Action Commitments, Family  Action Commitments, and to participate in the Cohort Action Commitment.
  • Individual Action Commitments
  • Cohort Action Commitments
  • Family Action Commitments
    (recommended for participants with spouses or long-term partners with mingled finances)

Curriculum & Assignments

Action Commitments
Each online curriculum is specific to each individual workshop cohort. It contains the goals for each individual session and your assignments between sessions—with links to PDFs, external resources, CLTV-generated, and workshop-specific content and worksheets. It is a live and dynamic document which will be updated as the workshop progresses. We organize our time into Units of Intervals and Sessions. For example, Session 1 is our first session together, while Interval 1 is the preparation interval before Session 1. 
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Completing Assignments
Please read through all the assignments for each interval before starting any of them in order to get a sense for the time and energy commitment for each interval. We provide 3-5 hours of work per interval so you will want to understand the big picture to be able to plan your approach before diving in. 
Many of the action assignments in this Handbook are linked directly to CLTV-generated worksheets, checklists, and references. You can click directly on the assignments to access the materials you need to utilize to complete the assignments. In most cases, we will ask you to copy and paste worksheets and checklists into your own files so that you can personalize your assignments and keep them for your records and for tracking your action commitments. 
All Impact Collective resources are provided for educational and information purposes only. Inclusion of any investment opportunities does not suggest an endorsement. You should perform your own research before you make any investment decision.